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Established on March, 2002, when the creation of Boy’s Love works was only a beginning, Uei – ShiangPublishing Househas been cultivating both domestic and overseas authors and female readers to run a long-term business. Uei – Shiang regularlyattends the Taipei International Book Exhibition, Taipei International Animation Festival, Taipei Comic Exhibition, Hong Kong International Book Exhibition, Singapore International Book Exhibition, etc., and expands the business to the markets in HONG KONG, CHINA, TAILAND, MALAYSIA, POLAND, JAPAN and Korea .which makes the market and creation of Boy’s Love grow rapidly.  Our company started to publish Romance novels in 2005 and the Light Novels in 2007. Even in the recent years, we diversified our publications into all-age works, Uei – Shianghas never set limitations of creation which allows more and more possibilities on the publications. Uei – Shiang is devoted to introduce authorized overseas masterpieces and recommend our excellent domestic authors and works to the whole world.